Thursday, August 10, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: Transportation (for 8/23/06)

This challenge is now closed! Thank you for playing! :)

Note: entries for the following Challenge should be posted on Wednesday, August 23rd. PLEASE DO NOT POST EARLY! See the Welcome entry for rules of play.

Hi, Robins! Our next Challenge comes from Robin, author of the blog These are the Days of our Lives.... She has chosen topic "Transportation" for our August 23rd Challenge.

Oh, yeah! I like this one! There are so many cool things to do with it. Do you have a beloved old car, or a shiny new one, or maybe even one you've been "visiting" in automobile showrooms or used car lots? Are you a trainspotter? (There's one!) Do you like watching airplanes take off, preferably on a day without a new terrorist alert? Does your town have stagecoaches, trolleys, rickshaws, or even a monorail like North Haverbrook? (That last one is a Simpsons joke.) Maybe your favorite form of transportation isn't motorized. Heck, maybe it doesn't even have wheels!

So grab your camera, and get some pictures of some favorite or interesting kind of transportation. The date to post your pictures is Wednesday, August 23rd. As we said at the top of this entry, please do not post it early. We will remove links to entries posted before the challenge date, unless special arrangements are made in advance.

If you plan to participate, please RSVP in the comments to this blog. To make everything clear and easy, the format should be exactly this:

First Name
Name of the blog of journal where you will be posting
URL of that journal

(plus anything else you want to say, such as "Hi! I'll be posting").

If you post your Round Robin entries to two blogs, be sure to list the title and URL of both. Don't make us guess which one you're using!

And of course, if you have any questions, we're just an email away:


That's it! Please see the Welcome entry for details on all this rules stuff. As we like to say around here, go be photographers!

Karen and Carly

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