Saturday, January 07, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: Super Model

Hello Robins NOTE: This challenge is now closed!

For our first Round Robin Challenge of the New Year, Becky, author of the journal, "Where Life Takes You..." has chosen "Super Model,"as the topic. Oh the glamour! :) Have you always wanted to be a top fashion model? Have you always wanted to be a style and fashion photographer? Care to take a spin on the catwalk? Are you too sexy for your shirt? Too sexy for your hat? Whatcha think about that!? Oops...I just broke into song just then...gotta watch that! LOL. That must mean I am already inspired by the subject of our next challenge. How about you? Wanna live out the fantasy? Sure you do! Come along with us and meet the challenge on Wednesday, January 18th. If this is your first visit to the new home of the Round Robin Challenges, please visit the *Welcome Entry And Rules Of Play* to read the new streamlined rules of play for the New Year. :)

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Note: If you have any questions regarding the Round Robin Challenges, please email either Karen or myself , do not leave them in the comment section, and we will answer your inquiry as soon as possible. :)