Sunday, October 21, 2007

Round Robin Challenge: "Other" Settings

This challenge is now closed. Thank you for playing! :)

Hi, Robins! The newest Round Robin Photo Challenges topic, for the Challenge date of Saturday, November 3rd, comes to us from Becky of the blog Where Life Takes You. It's all about "Other" settings on our cameras - you know, those functions we either haven't found yet or are a bit nervous about using. Becky introduces the concept this way:

Many of us fall into the category of "enthusiast" or "skilled amateur" when it comes to snapping pictures. We tend to rely on the automatic settings on our camera.

How about we stretch our photographic muscles and try some of those "other" settings on the camera? Ones we've never used before, particularly. It would be interesting to see what people come up with.

I have a panoramic setting and an "action" setting that takes a series of photos and I've NEVER tried them. There are others too. I'd love an excuse to try them.

I have to tell you, this topic really jumps up and calls my name, because 90% of my photos are taken with the dial of my camera set on the little green camera icon, meaning "automatic." I've tried a few things here and there, but there must be lots of functions on my Cybershot that I've never even found, let alone tried. How about you? Have you fully explored that camera of yours, or do you mostly just do what you know how to do? If the latter is the case, here is your chance - and mine - to stretch our skills a bit.

Now, some of the Robins are professional-quality photographers rather than "skilled amateurs," but even for you folks, I'm wondering how often you go beyond the comfort zone to try out everything your camera or cameras can do. Is there something you've been meaning to try out, or want to learn to do better? Here's your excuse to do it!

If you'd like to join in on this Challenge, you know how to go about it, right? Just RSVP in the comments with your name, blog name and URL, thus:

Yes, I'm keen to try an "other" setting. Maybe even color!

Iconic Landscapes

Then go be photographers, and get ready to post your results - and a link back here - on Saturday, November 3rd. You can post your entry up to six days after that if need be, but on the day is best, and please don't post your entry early. Got it? Good!

Now, one more thing while we're all here. I've just been perusing our Round Robin suggestion box, and it's getting a bit, you know, empty. The suggestions in it are all great, but we need more. Specifically, we need YOUR suggestions for future Round Robin topics. What theme would you like to try that we haven't done yet? Drop us a line and let us know!

* Karen: mavarin[at]
* Carly: ondinemonet[at]
* Steven: steven.emmett[at]

We'll add your topic suggestions to the kitty, and use them for future challenges. If you'd like to include an introduction to the topic, that will be even better!

That's it, folks! See you soon with those brave photographic experiments!


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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Round Robin Challenge: Shadowland

Hello Robins :) This challenge is now closed. Thank you for playing. :)

And welcome to our next photographic adventure. And what an adventure it will be! Vicki, author of the blog, "Maraca" has submitted the topic "Shadowland" to intrigue and inspire us. With Halloween coming up, at the end of the month, there should be plenty of shadowy opportunities available. Her vision for the challenge is as follows...

October. Darkness reigns and spirits gather. Gone are the sunlit days of summer, and the heart turns strange and melancholy. Welcome to Shadowland.

The theme is open-ended, so go with whatever your imagination can conjure. Photograph actual shadows, perhaps; capture the mood in a striking portrait or landscape, or even - if you dare- catch a ghost. This would be a great time to try working in black and white or to experiment with editing and effects. After all, it's Shadowland. Anything could happen."


Okay Robins, grab your cameras, and your courage, and let your imaginations run wild. Photograph your favorite shadowy phenomenon, or your favorite ghostly presence. Look deep into those dark corners and crevices of the attic or basement, for things that go bump in the night or maybe spin a perfect web. Try something different, and do some night photography, or if the nighttime is not your favorite time, then find those shadows, ghosts, and entities in the daylight hours. It's all good! The date of this challenge will be Saturday, October 20th. There are just a few rules to follow...

1. DO NOT post your entry prior to the challenge date.

2. Please sign-up prior to the challenge date, by using the following format...



Feeling inspired? Great! Get your creative on, GO BE PHOTOGRAPHERS, and then comeback here on October 20th, ready to show off your imagination. And if you have an idea for an upcoming Round Robin Challenge, email your submissions to Karen, Steven or myself. Be sure to put "Round Robin Challenge Submission" in the subject line of your email. Remember Robins, we can't do it without you, so we are looking forward to hearing from you! :)

See you October 20th! Bwahahahahahahah!

-Carly :)

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Note: Both photos used in this entry were provided by Vicki. :)

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