Thursday, February 16, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: The Animal Inside

This challenge is now closed!
Thanks for playing. :)

Okay, Robins! The next challenge is another interesting one. It comes to us from Derek of the journal Derek's Picture of the Day and the blog Through My Eyes. We'll let Derek tell you about it:
The subject is "The Animal Inside." Let's take a picture of an animal that really explains us, gives our personality or the animal you would want to be if you could choose. No restrictions, be creative. Maybe even tell us what that animal is thinking or saying.

Cool idea! So what come to mind, Robins? Do you tackle things like a tiger? Eat like a bird? Are you mysterious and aloof, like a cat, or friendly and eager like a dog? Are you slow and steady, or do you jackrabbit along? Do you build your house of sticks? Enjoy mud baths? Are you like a bull in a china shop? Do you give great bear hugs? Were you an elephant in a past life? (Okay, probably not.)

Figure out an animal that corresponds to something about who you are, or what you'd like to be. Then take a picture, or maybe play around with one you already have. The posting date is Wednesday, March 1st, anytime between midnight Tuesday night and midnight Wednesday night. If you need to you can post up to a week afterward, but please post it on March 1st if you can. And please don't post early, okay? This is so people will be able to find everyone's interpretations of the subject in one or two "blog jogs." Discovering fun blogs to read and look at is part of what this is all about!

Okay, we have a few more housekeeping items to cover:

1. Da Rules: please review the simplified rules in the first entry of this blog. You can get to them easiily from the sidebar. One we're having a little trouble with is the full RSVP info. I know we already have current links for most people who are likely to RSVP, but people do change or rename blogs, and typos happen. So please don't take for granted that we'll get all your info right without your posting it. Humor us: if you plan to participate in this challenge, please RSVP in the comments to this entry. Include your first name (or handle), your blog name, and your blog URL. And if you do RSVP, please do remember to post your entry when the time comes. Okay? Okay!

2. Da Schedule: People do seem to lose track of the where and when of all this, now that we're not emailing everyone all the time. But really, it's not a hard schedule to understand. Unless there's a holiday or something to get in the way, the challenges or every two weeks, on a Wednesday. So if you did one a week ago, you know you have a week to get ready for the next one! The new challenge is always announced the next day in this blog, give or take a few hours; and the wo of us (Carly and Karen) will each have at least one promo for each challenge in our own blogs to remind and inspire you.

If that's not enough, you may want to consider using an RSS reader, an alert service or something similar. Carly uses Bloglet. Karen uses Feedblitz. You can use whatever you want! Both of these send emails when a new entry is posted. To sign up for FeedBlitz, enter your email address into the little FeedBlitz form on the sidebar. (Note: you must register in order to use this service, but it's free.) We'll probably add something similar for Bloglet this week.* And don't panic if you don't get an alert for this blog right away. We only post a new entry every two weeks, and the alerts don't go out while nothing is happening!

3. Questions? Email us! ondinemonet @, or mavarin @

Ready? Okay, then! As Carly is fond of saying, go be photographers!

Karen and Carly

* The Bloglet subscription thingy is now on the sidebar, below the FeedBlitz one.

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