Thursday, May 24, 2012

RRPC2: Variety Show

Hi. Robins! Sorry I'm late with this announcement. Wonderful as they are, iPhones aren't very practical for conventional blogging, especially while sitting in a restaurant at Disneyland. And since getting home last night I've been both swamped and exhausted. I'll catch up with everyone's posts tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, let's announce the next Challenge! The topic for Saturday, June 2nd is

Variety Show

Show us something that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and/or colors. It could be anything from dogs to socks, vegetables to paper clips, pens to people! Be sure to show us more than one of whatever it is so we can see some of the variation.

You know how this works, right?

1. RSVP in the comments below, with your name, blog name if applicable, and a link to wherever you plan to post your picture(s). This can be in a blog, on Facebook, on Twitpic or YFrog or on any other photo or social media site.

2. Post your entry or entries on Saturday, June 2. It's a good idea to come back here and leave the specific link(s) in the comments. The entry should be tagged #varietyshow and/or #RRPC2 to help us find it.

Thanks, everyone! A special thanks to Carly for posting the Linking List.


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In My Dreams I Can Fly

Please note that my stepmother died Friday morning, and I'm rather distracted, to say the least, getting ready to fly east and pondering life and death, illness and family. Nevertheless, I hope to be an active participant this time, and do a better job of meeting my blogging obligations. Thanks for your patience! - KFB

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Quick Note

Folks, I just got back from Disneyland and I'm kind of exhausted. I will post the new Challenge tomorrow night, and make the rounds of this past weekend's participants. Thanks for your patience!


Monday, May 07, 2012

RRPC2: Fun Fun Fun!

Hi, Robins! Our next Challenge is a simple one, but with lots of opportunity to use your imagination. The topic for Saturday, May 19th is

Fun Fun Fun!

How do you have fun? How do your kids have fun? Are there fun places you like to go, and fun things you especially enjoy doing? Show them to us! Your picture of fun can be of something as exciting as a roller coaster ride, or as low key as curling up with a good book. Show us your idea of fun, whatever it may be!

Like last time, you're welcome to play along in any of several ways:

1. Post your picture or pictures on your blog, with a link back here. Be sure to sell us about it in the comment thread below.

2. Post your picture or pictures on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, YFrog, TwitPic or any other social media site. Be sure you tag it #RRPC2 so we can find it. Leaving a comment with the link would also help!

3. Post your picture or pictures to Flickr, Photobucket or any other online gallergy. Tag it RRPC2, and leave a comment below with the link so that we're sure to find it.

Remember, the Challenge date is Saturday, May 19th, any time from midnight on in your time zone. I personally will be out of town on that day (our 33rd wedding anniversary) but I'll check in when I can. I've taken moderation off the comments, so be sure to check the comment thread for entries to visit!

I will retweet anything I find on Twitter, reblog any entries on Tumbler, etc. And of course I'll post a linking list on this entry on the Challenge date.

Special thanks to all who posted their "Flowers for Steven." Your pictures and reminiscences made for a wonderful tribute! Now let's go have some fun with our cameras. Steve would want us to do that!


It turns out that it is really hard to copy, paste and format the linking list with an iPhone, so please check the comments to visit your fellow Robins. Thanks!

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