Thursday, February 22, 2007

Round Robin Challenge: The Hand... Untouched!

Hi Robins :)

This challenge is now closed. Thanks for playing! :)

Welcome to our next challenge. For this outing, Brad, author of the blog, "We-Is," really came up with a unique and innovative theme for us, here is how he explains his idea for us...

"Take a photo of your hand. Post it untouched, without any digital enhancements. Then, tell us about your settings (and shooting conditions) and what you would do to enhance... post capture. For those of you that like to run enhancements - post that too, as a before and after."

Give the man a hand... LOL... this is a great idea for a photo challenge! So circle the date on your calendars, Wednesday, March 7th, any time between the midnights of that day is fine, or for up to one week later. Use the following example format when you sign up to play...

Ellipsis...Suddenly Carly

Robins, it is a tremendous help to Steven, Karen and myself when you follow the rules, especially the rule regarding how to R.S.V.P for a challenge. It is a big time saver for us, when preparing the Linking List, if we don't have to track down your information. If you are unsure how to sign up for a challenge, please feel free to email us, and we will be glad to help you out. :)

OK Robins... Make Me Proud... Go Be Photographers! Post your entries on your blogs, journals or websites on Wednesday, March 7th, and most importantly of all have fun!

-Carly :)

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NOTE: While we usually update the Linking List throughout the day, for this challenge we will be updating in the early morning and early evening. If you leave a new link during the afternoon hours, we will update the list to reflect the addition as soon as possible Wednesday evening. :)

Linking List

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Suzanne R - POSTED!
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Karen - POSTED!
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Gattina - POSTED!
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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Round Robin Challenge: "Red"

Hello Robins :)
This Challenge is Closed. Thanks for playing.

If it's Thursday, then it must be time for the announcement of our next Round Robin Challenge! Our next topic to tackle, comes to us by way of our friend, and fellow Robin, Pamela, of the AOL journal, "My Photos," and she has chosen, "RED," as the focus of our next challenge. With Valentine's Day coming up in just one week, we should have no trouble finding a lot of RED subjects to photograph. Some possibilities might include...

1. A RED Candy Heart
2. RED Roses (Or any RED flower)
3. A RED Velvet Cake
4. RED Lips
5. Ruby RED Slippers

Of course you don't have to just photograph RED things associated with Valentine's Day, you can let your imagination run wild! Maybe you love fire engines, or maybe you like tomato soup... that would certainly qualify as well. So Robins, get your creative on, and come back here on Wednesday, February 21st, to meet the challenge. You can post your entry, as always, any time between the midnights of that day, but please DO NOT POST YOUR ENTRY EARLY! All you have to do for now is leave your intention to play in the comment thread for this entry, using the following format...

Ellipsis...Suddenly Carly

Please try to remember to leave us your full information, so we can direct visitors to your entry the day of the challenge. If you have never played a challenge with us before, please read the special entry on the sidebar marked **WELCOME ENTRY & RULES OF PLAY***

Ok Robins, make me proud, go be photographers, and come back here on Wednesday February 21st, and show us your creativity! :)

Pamela - POSTED!
My Photos

Carly - POSTED!
Ellipsis... Suddenly Carly

Janet - POSTED!
Fond Of Photography

Karen - POSTED!
Outpost Mâvarin

Schelle - POSTED!
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Kimberleigh - POSTED!
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Suzanne R - POSTED!
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-Carly - Karen - Steven (((((Thanks Ya'll))))

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