Sunday, December 28, 2008

Round Robin Challenge: Camera Resolutions

Greetings Robins! Soon the new year will arrive so it's time to make some plans with your camera! What do you want to photograph in 2009? Time to make some camera resolutions!
Canon S2is
"Camera Resolutions"

Think of three photo themes for the new year! Pick one, photograph it, and share the other two along with your challenge update. Open themes - your choices - have fun with your camera. We'll add your other two themes to the photo challenge pool for use in 2009!

If you have sat out a few rounds or are playing for the first time, we've got a few rules. Go check'em out. Ya'll are doing great with the rules :-)

RSVP, follow my example in comments, and return on January 10th 2009 to share your camera resolutions!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Round Robin Challenge: Favorite Toy

Hi, Robins! It's time to announce our next Challenge. This one comes from, well, me, and sorta-kinda continues this month's holiday theme. The topic for Saturday, December 27th is


Favorite Toy

Photograph a toy that has some significance to you or a loved one. What I have in mind here is actual toys, such as might be sold in toy stores and played with by children, rather than "big boys' toys" such as ATVs and motorcycles and RVs. It could be a present your kid is getting for Christmas or Hanukkah this year and will be playing with continually well into the new year, or a toy from your own childhood that you still have (or replaced using eBay), or even something that's been handed down in the family for several generations. New or old, take its picture and tell its story!

As always, we ask you to RSVP in the comments below, and wait to post your entry until the designated day, or up to one week afterward. For your RSVP, even if you've done so before, please leave us your full information of first name or handle, blog name and blog address, thus:

Yes, I'd love to play with my favorite toy!

Times of the Toymaker
Be sure to check out the Welcome Entry and Rules of Play if this is your first time with us, or it you've sat out a few rounds. Our email addresses are on the sidebar in case you have any questions, or want to suggest a future Challenge topic.

Got it? Good! Go be photographers! Pick out that favorite toy, and be ready to show it off on Saturday, December 27th!


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Rosemary's Other Baby

The photo: John Blocher's Handy Hank bulldozer tin toy, circa late 1950s. Purchased on eBay, 1990s.