Thursday, June 28, 2007

Round Robin Challenge: The Road Less Traveled

Friday, October 17, 2003Greetings Robins! It’s time for the next challenge courtesy of Vicki, who blogs over at Maraca. For the week of July 11th, Vicki has selected "The Road Less Traveled." A fine to topic for this summer’s traveling season. The road is wide open for you and your camera, have you taken the road less traveled?
This challenge is now closed! Thank you for playing. :)
For the week of July 11, 2007 the topic is:
The Road Less Traveled

Lots of photo possibilities but if you are stuck for inspiration, here are some items to jump start your creativity:

“The Road Not Taken,” poem by Robert Frost
Flickr photos tagged with the road less traveled.

Do visit the rules of play if it's your first time playing or have sat out a few rounds.

Questions? Sing out in comments or give Carly, Karen or me a shout!

* Karen: mavarin[at]
* Carly: ondinemonet[at]
* Steven: steven.emmett[at]

Go ahead and R.S.V.P. in comments. Follow my example. Now go be photographers and return on July 11th to share your road less traveled!

R.S.V.P. Format :-)
1.)Your name - or your online handle.
2.)Your blog's name
3.)Your blog address

Linking List
Vicki - POSTED!

Steven- Posted

- Posted
Outpost Mâvarin

Janet - POSTED!
fond of photography

Renee - POSTED!
Ode to the Muse

Brandon**Welcome New Member** - POSTED!
A Visual Experiment

Carly - POSTED!

Kerrin - POSTED!
A New Day A New Photo

Gattina - Posted


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Steven said...


Karen Funk Blocher said...

I've got to blog that lonesome highway!

Outpost Mâvarin

MyMaracas said...

Yep, I'm in.


Anonymous said...

I think I live on that road...I'm in!

fond of photography

Anonymous said...

I'm in!

Ode to the Muse

(It wouldn't let me link directly to the Round Robin category so go to archives and then click on Round Robin in the drop down menu)

Dallas Meow said...

finally ...

I am IN
and not just because my car is parked on that lonely highway waiting for me ....


I will have my pic up this week!

Dallas Miao'd

volo_libero said...

I am new! I just got into photography, heard about this and think it would be fun to play. I'm in too.

volo_libero said...

My name is Brandon and the title of my blog is A Visual Experiment (based on the idea that this blog is a venue to share my new attempts at photography). You can check it out at

kmm said...

uCount me in

Carly said...

I can't believe I forgot to sign up. LOL. Of course I will be playing along...


Gattina said...

My less travelled roads are up !

MyMaracas said...

Mine's up.

Nancy said...

Is it too late to be added to the linking list?? I could have sworn I signed on for this.
If it's too problem...really.


Steven said...

You are in Nancy!

Anonymous said...

My less traveled is up too.

volo_libero said...

Mine's up