Sunday, November 18, 2007

Round Robin Challenge: Sparkle

Hello Robins :)
This challenge is now closed. Thanks for playing. :)

Time to rise to a new challenge, but first, I want to thank everyone who played our last challenge, and submitted ideas. And what a great bunch of ideas they were! They were all just wonderful, and they will keep us photographically inspired for quite a while, although please keep those ideas coming. Now, onto our challenge, for Saturday, December 2nd, "Sparkle."

The idea comes to us by way of Vicki, author of the blog, "Maracas." With the holidays upon us, there should be ample opportunity to find a sparkly subject at nearly every turn. A beautiful iridescent holiday candle, a glass of sparkling wine or champagne, beautiful sparkly snowflakes, a piece of jewelry, holiday decorations, or maybe a special outfit that has sequins on it. Fireworks could also be a great idea for this challenge. Let your imaginations run free. If it sparkles, then it is perfect for this challenge.

A couple things to remember. If you haven't played the Round Robin Challenges before, be sure to visit the Welcome Entry and Rules Of Play, otherwise, just leave your information in the comment thread for this entry, in the following manner...


Your Name: Carly
Your Blog Name: Ellipsis
Your Blog Address:

That's all there is to it. Everyone is welcome to play, but you must leave your complete information for us to be able to find you. Remember to not post your entries prior to the posting date of December 1st. If for some reason you can't make it that day, just let us know when you sign up, because you can post your entry up to one week late. If you tell us the date you will be posting, we can make a note of it next to your name on the Linking List. That way, you will have the best chance of having your entry be seen and read after the challenge has played.

Okay, that's all there is to it! Now, GO BE PHOTOGRAPHERS, and comeback here on December 1st, ready to show off your SPARKLE! :)


Linking List

Linking List

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

RR Challenge: "Offer Three and Shoot One"

Sunday, August 24, 2003Greetings Robins! Time for your next photo challenge. Put on your creative caps as it's an open challenge. Post three future challenge topics with your entry and then pick one of your topics to photograph for your challenge entry. "Offer three and shoot one," your choice!

"Offer Three and Shoot One"

This challenge is now closed, thank you for playing. :)
Karen, Carly and I will add your choices to the pool for use in future challenges. If you've already shared a few topics with us, don't fret as we can always use a few more topics swimming in the pool. Sky is the limit and let your imagination run free. Have fun :-)

Do visit the rules of play if it's your first time playing or have sat out a few rounds.

Questions? Sing out in comments or give Carly, Karen or me a shout!

* Karen: mavarin[at]
* Carly: ondinemonet[at]
* Steven: steven.emmett[at]

Go ahead and R.S.V.P. in comments. Follow my example. Now go be photographers and return on Saturday, November 17 to share your topics!

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