Monday, September 26, 2011

Round Robin Challenge: Relax!

Hi, Robins! The next Challenge is another one that offers a lot of latitude in what you choose to show us. The topic for Saturday, October 8th is


Show us a great place to relax, a way to relax, or someone or something relaxing, or any combination thereof. It's that simple! Maybe it's someone relaxing at the beach, or someone curled up in bed with a good book. Perhaps you find cooking relaxing, or a walk in the woods, or playing Mahjong on the computer. Or maybe you have cats that are geniuses at finding the most comfortable spot in the house. Whatever it is, and wherever it is, let your camera show it to us!

You know the drill:

1. Please RSVP below, thus:
I'm ready to relax!
Don't Do It
2. Please WAIT until Saturday, October 8th to post your entry. But don't forget when the time comes! (A day or two late is okay but not ideal.)

3. Please LINK back to this blog or even this post. Linking to other participants is encouraged but not required.

4. Please VISIT other Robins' entries and COMMENT if so moved.

That's it! Go be photographers! And thanks to all who have participated recently. I really appreciate it!


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Monday, September 12, 2011

Round Robin Challenge: My Favorite

Hi, Robins! This next Challenge gives you a wide range of possible subjects at which to point your camera. The topic for Saturday, September 24th is

My Favorite

Your favorite what? Well, that's up to you! Maybe it's your favorite book, a favorite piece of jewelry, a favorite toy or a favorite coffee mug. Maybe you'd rather highlight something more conceptual: your favorite comic strip (see above), tv show, amusement park ride, car make and model, hot beverage or kind of animal. If you like it more than any other whatever-it-is, it counts! Show off your enthusiasm for it with a photo or two!

You know how to do this, right?

1. PLEASE RSVP in the comments below, preferably before the Challenge date, thus:

This could be my favorite Challenge! 
Raindrops on Roses

2. PLEASE WAIT for Saturday, September 24th to post your entry.

3. PLEASE DON'T FORGET to post your entry when the time comes! A day or two late is okay but not ideal.

4. PLEASE LINK back to this blog, or this particular entry.

5. PLEASE VISIT other participants' blogs, and leave a comment if so moved. Everyone likes to be appreciated!

That's all there is to it! Go be photographers!


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