Sunday, April 25, 2010

Round Robin Challenge: Land Or Sea

Hi Robins :) NOW CLOSED!

I used one of my own ideas this week, hope you enjoy it! How does "Land Or Sea" sound? It's an easy concept, simply choose LAND or SEA to photograph and show us what you chose on the day of the challenge! The date for this challenge will be Saturday, May 8th 2010! As always, there are a few things to keep in mind about how to play along with the RRC...

1. Please R.S.V.P. your intention to play by using the following format...

Your Name
The Name of your blog, journal or website
The FULL Internet address of where your submission can be found.



Please remember, we need your full information each time you play. Why? Well, sometimes folks change their blog name, or the platform they are on. Sometimes we get folks with the same name, so having your information each time insures we link to the correct person on the day of the challenge.

2. Please DO NOT submit your entry prior to the challenge date! You won't be linked to until the day of the challenge, so it does no good to jump the gun. It's NOT a race! Saturday, May 8th is the challenge date, and you will be acknowledged that day.

3. If you are new to the Round Robin Challenges, please let us know so we can give you a proper greeting on the day of the challenge!

4. After your entry has posted, on the day of the challenge, it's a good idea to comeback here and tell us you have posted. This helps us update things in a more timely manner!

5. If you have any questions about how to play, you can always visit the Welcome Entry & Rules of play entry, a link to it can be found on the sidebar, or you can email us. Our contact information can also be found on the sidebar!

Okay, that's it. I will see you on Saturday, May 8th 2010!


Linking List
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Announcing the New and Improved Weekend Assignment!

As many of you know, Carly and I (Karen) are involved in three memes. The Round Robin Photo Challenges were started by the two of us, almost by accident, back in 2005. The other two are even older, started on John Scalzi's old AOL Journal By the Way in 2004. Carly hosts one of these, now called the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot, every week on her blog Ellipsis. The other one, the odd one out, is the classic writing prompt, the Weekend Assignment. As of this week, the Weekend Assignment has a new home.

Announcing the new Weekend Assignment blog!

For a while now, the Weekend Assignments have been handed out from Ellipsis and from my own blog, Outpost Mâvarin, on alternating weeks. No more! The Weekend Assignment blog will now be your one stop for all of the following:
  • Find out what the current Weekend Assignment is, in the same place every week
  • Find out how to join in and play along
  • Help us find and promote your Weekend Assignment entries by leaving your links, just as you do for the Round Robin Photo Challenges here.
  • Find the latest posts by all Weekend Assignment participants (I like to call them "Weekenders," right on the sidebar.
  • Post your own Weekend Assignment ideas, and be one of our "guest professors."
  • Download the Weekend Assignment graphic in a range of sizes, to use in your own blog.

Check it out! The Weekend Assignment blog is now live and online at The first new Weekend Assignment will be posted this Thursday. We hope you'll join us!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Round Robin: Anything in Threes (for 4/24/10)

Hi, Robins! The next Challenge was suggested by Marie of the blog Photographs and Memories, way back in 2007. The topic for Saturday, April 24th, is

* * * Anything in Threes # # #

Marie said at the time, NOW CLOSED!
"Anything in 3's, must be the same theme and presented in 3 images."
Get the idea? This Challenge is not to take a picture of three of something, although you can do that too. The Challenge is to take and present three different pictures of the same subject or theme. What subject, what theme? That's totally up to you! Maybe it's three photos of your favorite tree, or of three different bodies of water. Maybe it's three different treatments of the same concept or mood, or three photos of your child. Let's get creative with this one!

Of course the standard guidelines apply:

1. Do RSVP in the comments below with your name, blog name and blog URL. It helps us a lot if you give your full info each time, and RSVP before the topic date. Like this:

I'll be there!

Knock Three Times

2. Do not post your entry before the topic date.

3. Do include a link back here in your entry. You may also post a copy of the Linking List, which we will add to this entry on the Challenge date and update throughout the day.

Got it? Good! Go be photographers!

AND one more thing:

As most of you are aware, Carly and I also host a meme called the Weekend Assignment, a weekly writing prompt. We're getting ready to make a big announcement about the Weekend Assignment, and relaunch this six year old meme in style. The announcement will be right here in the Round Robin blog on Tuesday. Be here! Aloha!

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