Saturday, November 28, 2009

Round Robin Challenge for 1/2/10: Roots

As promised, Robins, this is the weekend when we announce the topic for the next Round Robin Photo Challenge, which will take place January 2, 2010. Happy New Year, Happy New Challenges! This one was suggested by Vicki of the blog Maraca. I'll let her introduce it:


"Roots. Everyone does gnarled branches, twisty trunks, and pretty flowers, but roots have a lot of character too."

They certainly do! But there are other kinds of roots, in case you'd like to photograph those instead: root vegetables, roots of gray hair when it's time to get out the hair coloring again, roots of your family tree, roots of behavior.... Feel free to get creative, whether you're investigating the gnarly bottom of an olive tree or defining your roots some other way!

Whatever you choose to photograph, you have five weeks to do it, in between your holiday shopping and other activities that keep us all busy this time of year. Again, the Challenge date is January 2nd, so there's no big rush at this end. But don't forget to do it, either, okay?

As always, we ask that you please, please RSVP in the comments below. Include your name, the name of your blog, and your blog's web address, thus:

Yes, I wood like to play!

Acorns and Appleseeds

Now listen up, folks: we really need you to leave your complete info if you want to be listed as participating. I literally just pulled an all-nighter and then some, trying to collate info on who all has participated in the RRPC this year, along with everyone's current blog title and URL. We've had nearly a hundred individual Robins this year, with more than a few overlapping first names, blog title changes and entirely different blogs being used by the same person in different Challenges. There have also been quite a few typos in the URLs, so please proofread your comment!

Ideally, you should also leave a comment on the 2nd to let us know you've posted. Please do NOT post before the Challenge date, nor more than six days later than that. On the day would be perfect, thanks! :)

Okay, got it? Good! See you in the new year!


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