Thursday, November 02, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: In the Kitchen! (for 11/15/06)

We love it when a Robin does our work for us! Jessica, author of the photoblog QuickSilver Dreams, wrote a great introduction to the next Round Robin Photo Challenge topic, entries to be posted on November 15th. Take it away, Jessica!

I thought about a few different ideas when I tried to come up with a challenge, but taking into consideration the date of this Round Robin Challenge - Nov. 15 - and the upcoming holiday seasons, I know where I am going to be spending a good deal of my time over the next month....and I'm betting I'm not the only one. So the Round Robin Challenge for Nov. 15 is

In the Kitchen! This Challenge is now closed! Thanks for playing!

...and everyone is invited .. from haute cuisine to hotdog gourmet!

What goes on in your kitchen? Kids' dishwashing duty? Dad dishing out his famous five-alarm chili? Jeweled jars of homemade strawberry jam on the windowsill? Parties at your house always end up congregating around the kitchen sink? Moldy cheese in the fridge? 10 pies cooling on the counter for last year's Christmas feast, or that secret recipe stuffing that went so wonderfully with the perfect deep fried turkey last year at Thanksgiving (or the fire in the kitchen when the deep frying didn't work so well!)...

Share the unique and prized products and people, and the hilarious "whoops" moments, from your kitchen...


We love this topic, and we're guessing you will, too. If you'd like to play along, just leave us an RSVP in the comments to this entry. It should look something like this:

Yes, I'll play!

Ariel's Crosstime Blog

Then get ready to post your kitchen-centric photos on Wednesday, November 15th, any time between midnight and midnight. If you need to post late, you may do so anytime through Tuesday the 21st, but please don't post your entry before the 15th. Be sure to include a link to this entry, or better yet, a copy of the Linking List that will be posted here starting on Tuesday night. Questions? Ask us!

Carly (
Steven (
Karen (

In the meantime, as we like to say around here, go be photographers! Have fun, and we'll see you on the 15th!

Karen & Carly and Steven

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

This will be fun!

Outpost Mâvarin

Carly said...

Sounds like a fun idea... I will be there.

Ellipsis...Suddenly Carly

Gattina said...

Like it ! Will be fun, although I am not spending much time in the kitchen as we are celebrating Christmas in Egypt ! It's to cold here !

Gattina said...

I wanted to answer you Karen on your comment on my blog, but can't find your Robin Challenge. You are right it were the furr of my cat lol !

kmm said...

Recently renovated the kitchen, Other half reckons that when we want to sell, we will be able to advertise the new cooker as "as new condition" But I will have a go, see you all then. Kerrin
a new day a new photo

Jessica said...

Yup, I'll be there, even though my Kitchen will be halfway into packing boxes at the time!


Danella said...

Deep Red Style

Count me in.

Suzanne R said...

I will be there!

Suzanne R
New Suzanne R's Life

Linda (Lou) said...

The kitchen is the room with the toaster oven in it, right? If I can find it, I'll be there!

julie said...

Oh, I think I can manage this.

Julie's Web Journal

Janet said...

I'll do my best!


Teena said...

Mine's up ...

It's all about me!

I'm hungry now!! :)

Gattina said...

It's done ! You can have a look at my kitchens

kmm said...

I've posted if you want to go directly to page. Kerrin

Anonymous said...

Hi! Please add me to the challenge. I've posted!

R's Musings


Suzanne R said...

Mine is up!

Suzanne R
New Suzanne R's Life

Linda (Lou) said...



Becky said...

Me too! Last minute entry:

Where Life Takes You