Monday, October 24, 2011

Round Robin Challenge: Scary

Hi, Robins! Our next Challenge will miss Halloween by nearly a week, but it's got me thinking about a concept that has meaning beyond that one day. The topic for Saturday, November 5th is


Scary doesn't have to mean ghoulies and ghosties and long legged beasties, vampires and zombies and things that go bump in the night. A dangerous road can be scary. Driving in a hurricane is scary. Getting ready for a job interview may be scary. Shadows in an empty house after midnight can be scary. Asking someone out can be scary. A dentist's office can be scary. Spiders and snakes can be scary. And yes, certain movies, tv shows, books and so on can be scary. Just find someone or something that scares you, and photograph it. If you're not scared, but someone else is, that works too! You know the drill:

1. PLEASE RSVP in the comments below with your name, blog name and URL, thus:
There's nothing scary here, but I'll do my best!

Neat, Sweet, Petite

2. PLEASE WAIT until Saturday, November 5th to post your entry.

3. PLEASE INCLUDE a link back here in your entry.

4. PLEASE VISIT other Robins' blogs, and comment if so moved.

That's it! Go be photographers - and try not to be TOO scared! ;)


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Monday, October 10, 2011

Round Robin Challenge: Little Boxes

Hi, Robins! There's an expression, "Good things come in little boxes." Let's find out whether that's true, shall we? The topic for Saturday, October 22nd is

Little Boxes

As we prepare for Halloween and the holidays that follow, we may be putting things in little boxes, or taking them out, or buying things that are already in their little boxes. Maybe it's an individual box of candy, or a key ingredient for the holiday baking. Maybe it's your grandmother's old brooch that's perfect for your daughter's Halloween costume. Or perhaps it's something you already have: a decorative box on the mantle, a box of crayons, or, well, anything, really! It could even be an empty box you keep around because it's pretty, or because you plan to use it again this Christmas. Whatever it is, photograph it, and get ready to show it to us on Saturday, October 22nd!

You know how this works, right?

1. DO RSVP in the comments below with your name (or screen name), the name of the blog in which you'll be posting your entry, and that blog's URL, thus:

I'll be posting my box!

Made of Ticky-tacky

Be sure to tell me if you're new to the Challenge or whether this is the first time you're participating on this particular blox.

2. DO NOT POST EARLY. Please wait until October 22nd. A few hours early or a day late is no big deal, but the further you are from the scheduled date, the fewer visitors you are likely to get.

3. DO LINK BACK to this blog or specifically this entry in your post.

4. DO VISIT the other participants' blogs, and comment if so moved. We all like to be encouraged.

That's it! Go be photographers!


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