Thursday, May 03, 2007

Round Robin Challenge: Pink (for May 16, 2007)

This challenge is now closed. Thanks for playing.

Hi, Robins! It's time to announce the next Round Robin Photo Challenge. This one comes to us from Renee of Ode to the Muse. She offered up several great ideas, and the one we're going with this time is "Pink"!

As Renee says, "pink is pretty!" We see the color all around us, on skin and on lips, on delicate petals and plastic Barbie furniture, and lots of other places besides. Pink represents the feminine (pink for girls, blue for boys), and on a triangle it means something rather different. Pink is the color of breast cancer awareness, and part of the palate of Santa Fe and Fab Fifties styles. Pink can be flashy and psychedelic, or as subtle as sand. So go have fun with it! Find us something that's pretty in pink, and get ready to post it on Wednesday, May 16, 2007. As always, you can post up to six days later if necessary, but it's better if you post on that day, so that everyone will see your entry. Please do not post early!

You know the rest of the spiel, right? Please RSVP in the comments if you plan to play along, thus:
I'm tickled pink to play!
Freckled and Married
If you have questions, or trouble leaving a comment, feel free to email us:

  • Karen: mavarin[at]
  • Carly: ondinemonet[at]
  • Steven: steven.emmett[at]

And when you post, please include a link back here, or to your fellow Robins, or both! Got it? Good! Now, go be photographers!

Karen (with Carly and Steven)

Linking List

Renee - POSTED!
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Karen - POSTED!
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Carly - POSTED!
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kerrin - POSTED!
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Karen Funk Blocher said...

I'd be a fink if I didn't play with Pink!

Outpost Mâvarin

Carly said...

:) In that pink is my favorite color, you know I will be there :)

Ellipsis... Suddenly Carly

kmm said...

I"m like Henry Ford and his car comment, I like any colour as long as it's pink. So I will be there
a new day

Janet said...

I've been away, but now I'm the pink!


Anonymous said...

I came over to leave a link for my Friendship entry...but as usual I was a day late and a dollar short! So forget that link, I'll play with pink....

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I love pink so I will be there!


Anonymous said...

Of course I'm there!

Ode to the Muse

MariesImages said...

I'm in...The PINK!

Anonymous said...

Carly, I'm going to start doing my Round Robins on my other blog, Birds of Venus at

Can you please update the list? I'm number #33.


Anonymous said...

count me in!

Teena in Toronto said...

I'm in!

It's all about me!

Gattina said...

I see "la vie en rose" which litteraly means "life in pink" !
I am ready !

MariesImages said...

I could post earlier due to storm & we lost internet service. So here is mine Ü

Anonymous said...

Okie dokie. I've posted.

Anonymous said...

I love pink....and here is my Pink entry...