Thursday, July 26, 2007

Round Robin Challenge: Mannequins

Hidy Ho Robins :)
This challenge is now closed. Thanks for playing! :)

It's me, Carly, and guess what... it's my turn to choose a challenge! Just like with Karen, it has been over two years since I have chosen a challenge theme, but the wait has made me very happy. Why would waiting make me happy? Well, see, we have been adding new Robins with almost every new challenge, THAT is what has made the waiting for my turn to come around so nice. Meeting new friends, seeing some amazing creativity, and having tons of fun along the way. You guys are great. :) With all the innovative topics that have been suggested for the challenges, I knew it might be difficult for me to come up with a topic that you might enjoy. When I started considering what might appeal to everyone, I came up with something simple, and pretty readily available to all of us. So, our topic for this Round Robin Challenge will be "Mannequins."

So, grab your cameras and hit the malls and trendy little shops, and show me the mannequins you find most photogenic. Show me a mannequin that is weird, or maybe one that is very common. Headless mannequins would be interesting, so would themed mannequins, such as ones depicting fictional characters. Mannequins dressed to reflect the season's apparel, like a mannequin in a beach outfit. For that matter, if you have a mannequin from any of the holidays in your files, that would work, although I would love to see you get out with the camera and find something new and current. Let your creativity flow... don't be afraid to be bold with your choice, but keep in mind the Round Robin Challenges is a open to all ages, so please try to be appropriate.

Please Robins, you need to use the following example format when you sign-up to play...

Your Name: Carly
Your Blog Name: Ellipsis
Your Blog Address:

Robins, our RULES OF PLAY have changed recently, so please pay a visit to the **WELCOME ENTRY & RULES OF PLAY entry, and familiarize yourselves with how we play. It is very important that everyone follow the rules. It makes bringing the challenges to you a lot easier for Karen, Steven and myself. Just to remind you of the basics, here is a brief list of the rules we ask you to observe.


The rules are for everyone Robins, so please try to remember. :) Please don't make us look up your information each time.

The date for this challenge will be Wednesday, August 8th. As always you can post your entry any time between the midnights of that day, or if you can't join us on that day, you can post any day up to one week after the challenge date. If you know you can't post the day of the challenge, just let us know when you sign-up, and we will post the date you plan to post your entry, next to your name on the Linking List. But if you can, please post your entry the day of the challenge, as that is when the participating entries usually receive the most visitors. :)

OK, that's it. That's all you need to know to play. Now make me proud, grab your cameras, find your challenge subject, "Mannequins," and GO BE PHOTOGRAPHERS! See you on Wednesday, August 8th!


NOTE: We are still needing some submissions for the new Round Robin Challenges, coming this September. If you have an idea for an upcoming challenge, send us your ideas! We can't do it without you! See the sidebar, for a list of all the past challenges we have already played.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Round Robin Challenge: Gimme, Gimme

And now, two years and a bit later, it's my turn again to choose a Challenge topic. You know me. I'm Karen of Outpost Mâvarin.

We've had lots of great topics since we started these Challenges. Cycling through all the active Robins in order, we've been continually impressed with all your wonderful themes and ideas. Now we're back up to the top of the list, and it's my turn, one last time before we open each Challenge up for everyone's great ideas, regardless of when each person started participating. You'd think I'd be chomping at the bit, dying to tell you about some great topic I've been sitting on for years. But after all the wonderful, uplifting topics we've already done, I find my head is empty of wonderful, uplifting Challenge ideas. Instead I keep coming back to an idea that's fun and silly and not uplifting at all.
This challenge is now closed. Thank you for playing!

The topic for Wednesday, July 25th, 2007 is

"Gimme, Gimme!"

C'mon, admit it. We all get greedy sometimes, and we all want something. Maybe we indulge ourselves, and buy that latte, ice cream cone, book or BMW, and maybe we don't. But it doesn't stop us wanting.

So show us what you want. It can be something huge and expensive, or a little thing you might buy on a whim; a habit you're trying to break, or the goal for which you're breaking that habit. Concrete or abstract, your own want or something your kids or your cats keep begging for, it's all good. If you can capture it in a camera lens, go for it!

And now for the quick reminder on how it works:

1. RSVP in the comments to this entry. It should include your name (or online handle), blog name and URL, thus:

Will play for food!
Scaredy Dog Blog

2. Post your entry no sooner than the Challenge date, Wednesday July 25th. You can post up to six days late if you need to, but you'll probably have fewer visitors after Wednesday. Do NOT post before the 25th!

3. Include a link back to this blog. Links to other Robins are appreciated by not mandatory. We'll post the linking list late Tuesday night.

4. Have fun!

As I mentioned above, we're changing the way topics are chosen, starting a few Challenges from now. We already have a short list of topics people have suggested that haven't been used yet, and now we're inviting you to add to that list. Email us your topic ideas! You can send us one idea or a dozen, or any number in between, any time you like. Every two weeks we'll choose a topic, and give full credit to the person who submitted it. We're looking for new, different ideas, so please see the sidebar for the list of topics we've already done. Got it? Good! Send your topics to

* Karen: mavarin[at]
* Carly: ondinemonet[at]
* Steven: steven.emmett[at]

To keep topics a surprise until the announcement date, we will accept ideas only by email. Do not make suggestions in the comments!

That's it, folks! Start wowing us with your topic ideas, and go be photographers!

with Carly and Steven

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