Thursday, January 25, 2007

Round Robin Challenge: Cold ...and introducing new features!

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Greetings, Robins! Our new topic comes from Janet of the blog Fond of Photography, for a Challenge date of Wednesday, February 7th. Appropriately for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere (which the last time I checked was not quite all of us), the topic is "Cold!" As Janet explains:

I chose this word because it's FINALLY gotten cold here in New England! Not that I'm happy about it...LOL! I liked it when it was warmer, but I also recognize New England wouldn't be New England without some freezing cold weather and snow. Not to mention, it kills off the yucky bugs :-) So go out and photograph "Cold"! Doesn't have to be weather, use your imagination :-)
Having been in Tucson, Orlando and San Diego in the depths of winter, after living for many years in Syracuse and Columbus, Ohio, I can testify that standards for what is "cold" vary quite a bit around the country. Nevertheless, we all know what it is to be cold, feel cold, act cold, have a cold, tell people not to be so cold, be told that we're cold (as opposed to "getting warmer") in looking for something...well, you get the idea. We keep our soda cold and our frozen dinners colder. And yes, we also skate and build snowmen if we're interested and the opportunity presents itself.

So what does cold mean to you, photographically? You have just under two weeks to go be photographers, and grab your frigid pictures!

Now, try to stay awake while I run down the rules, because right after that I have an Exciting Announcement! Okay, maybe not exciting, but interesting and helpful, I hope!

  • Do RSVP by leaving your first name, blog name and URL in a comment to this entry (see below for an example*)
  • Don't post before Wednesday, February 7th. Patience, my friends! If Wednesday arrives sooner for you than for most of us, that's fine, but we tend to schedule our Linking List based on Eastern Standard Time.
  • Do post on Wednesday, February 7th, any time from midnight to midnight (but if you must delay, up to Tuesday, February 13th is okay)
  • Don't completely forget to post your entry
  • Do mention the Round Robin and the topic, and do link back to this blog (and if you include the linking list, that's even better!)
  • If you're new to the Robins, don't hold back and ask permission to participate. All it takes to join the Robins is to RSVP your intentions and post your entry. Everyone is welcome. Check out the rules in our
    Welcome Entry
    for full details.
* Sample RSVP:

Yes, I'll play! Don't freeze me out!

Jack Frost
The Ice Blog

Questions? You know where to reach us:

* Karen: mavarin[at]
* Carly: ondinemonet[at]
* Steven: steven.emmett[at]

Okay, now for the allegedly Exciting Announcement! You may have noticed that we added an animated calendar to the sidebar this week to help people keep track of dates and times. Directly underneath that is a link that looks like this:

Round Robin Eventful calendar

Click on that link and you'll be on our calendar page on This is where we'll be posting event notices for our announcement entries (such as this one!), Challenge dates, and possibly Challenge close dates. You can use this page to check our schedule, and even sign up for reminder notices. The Eventful database is searchable, so we're hoping that people looking for online photography events will find us through this new venue. Eventful also disseminates event announcements to other social networking sites, so don't be surprised if your next Round Robin entry gets more traffic than you're used to seeing. We hope so, anyway! And yes, you can also use the site to search for concerts and plays and beer fests and conventions, or announce your own upcoming events.

That's it, folks! Now go take some hot shots on the subject of Cold!

Karen (with Carly and Steven)

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

This friendly former Funk is frantic for frigid fun!

Outpost Mâvarin

Anonymous said...

This topic leaves me.....warm. I'm in! We're expecting an "Albuquerque Low" here in Colorado in the next few days. Hoping to have some good cold photo opps! :-)

Myth said...

I'll play... but I'm in Australia & we're having a heat wave...
Fractal Myth

Celeste said...

Count me in. It has been awhile since I have done this. Time to get back in the swing of things!

Anonymous said...

Ooops. Forgot my blog link!

Carly said...

I will be there...

Ellipsis... Suddenly Carly

Suzanne R said...

I wanna be cold! ;-)

Suzanne R
New Suzanne R's Life

Janet said...


I'm in!

Anonymous said...

i forgot to add my particulars!


kmm said...

Moved to Queensland to get away from the cold, but I'll play along.

Gattina said...

Of course I will play ! I already put a (false) furcoat on !

Steff said...

I am following my sister "Shelle"s lead and I will be in

John said...

Anonymous said...

Yup...I'm in!


Nancy Luvs Pics

barrettmanor said...

Me too!


Julie's Web Journal

Anonymous said...

Mine's up.

John said...


Gattina said...

idem (see above)

Teena in Toronto said...

I'm in :)

It's all about me!


Myth said...

We actually had some cold to photograph!!! Mine's posted.

Dornbrau said...

How'd I miss this one? Here's my entry... Its an old one, but boy is it cold! Brrrrrrr!

Chuck said...

You guys are really cold, but I am only so-so. Had to fudge to get a "cold" photo (pun intended).

Suzanne R said...

Mine's up!

Suzanne R
New Suzanne R's Life

Celeste said...