Thursday, January 19, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: Silly Animals

Celeste of My day and thoughts has a great topic for our next Round Robin Photo Challenge: Silly Animals! Why, the possibilities for this one are endless! Do you have a dizzy dog? A freaky fish? A bizarre, brainiac bird? A daffy duck? An Oscar-winning Rabbit? Sorry, I got sidetracked for a moment. Does your cat wear a hat? Does your horse act like an ass? Is there a new gnu at the zoo, or is no gnus good news? Did you see the monkey do? Do you share with a Silly Old Bear? Do you mind the platypus... well, you get the idea. Catch that silly animal in the act. Snap your photos, and post them on Wednesday, February 1st, sometime between midnight Tuesday night and midnight Wednesday night. And if you're a little late, we'll forgive you. We're a pretty easygoing bunch around here. ;)

Thanks to everyone who made our first challenge of 2006 such a big success! Everyone who said they'd participate followed through and did it, and we even had a few new people and last-minute stragglers. Welcome, all! We enjoyed seeing every one of your entries.

Oh, one procedural note. After all that's happened in the past several months, quite a few people have blogs on more than one service. Some are mirror sites, some are relatively inactive - we get quite dizzy trying to keep track of them all! In a couple of cases, you folks have posted entries on two different blogs. We think that's great! But it does make it a little hard for us to figure out how to list you. So please let us know whether you want to be listed as AOL, or Blogspot or both. If it's both, we can put "2nd site" at the end of your listing, linked to the other blog. Does that sound okay?

That's all for now, folks. Start watching for those funny animals, and don't forget to RSVP below.

Karen and Carly
NOTE: This Challenge Is Now Closed! Thanks For Playing!
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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: Super Model

Hello Robins NOTE: This challenge is now closed!

For our first Round Robin Challenge of the New Year, Becky, author of the journal, "Where Life Takes You..." has chosen "Super Model,"as the topic. Oh the glamour! :) Have you always wanted to be a top fashion model? Have you always wanted to be a style and fashion photographer? Care to take a spin on the catwalk? Are you too sexy for your shirt? Too sexy for your hat? Whatcha think about that!? Oops...I just broke into song just then...gotta watch that! LOL. That must mean I am already inspired by the subject of our next challenge. How about you? Wanna live out the fantasy? Sure you do! Come along with us and meet the challenge on Wednesday, January 18th. If this is your first visit to the new home of the Round Robin Challenges, please visit the *Welcome Entry And Rules Of Play* to read the new streamlined rules of play for the New Year. :)

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Welcome Entry And Rules Of Play

Note: A new version of the rules of play was created August 9, 2008. Click here to visit the current rules of play for the Round Robin Photo Challenges. Thanks!

Welcome To The Round Robin Challenges

Like it says in the journal description above, this is your one stop journal for all the information you will need to play along with the Round Robin Photo Challenges. This is where you will find out who will be hosting the next photo challenge, the date of the challenge, and the cut-off date to sign up to play along. As always, each challenge can be posted anytime between the midnights on the day of the challenge.

It is pretty easy to play along, there aren't many rules, but there is one very important rule we do insist on,the rule to ...HAVE FUN! There are some things that we do recommend however, so that everyone who plays has a good time. This is meant as a way to discover new journals and friends we haven't met yet; to encourage each other as journal authors and photographers, and to have fun while doing so. We ask that if you join us, and we hope you do, that you follow a few simple guidelines.

1. Leave us a link with your name, and the name of the journal you will be posting the challenge entry in, by responding in the comments section of the journal entry posted here that contains the information about the current challenge. That way everyone can find your entry and see your interpretation of the subject.

2. Because we are growing so quickly, you don't have to link directly to each journal that participates, but please try to visit your fellow Robins and let them know of your support. It just seems like the right thing to do.

3. On the sidebar you will find a list of the current Round Robin members, in the exact order that they played along for the first time. This roster determines who takes a turn next. If your turn comes around and you are unable to play, no worries. You can opt back in at a later date.

NOTE: As of June 28th, 2007, we have made a couple of changes as to how we display the sidebar, and how we choose the subjects for each challenge.

1. On the sidebar is a list of our current Round Robin participants. Our current list reflects those who have played at least one challenge after 3/17/07. A complete list of our Round Robin members is kept elsewhere, so don't worry, even if your name is not on our current active list, you are still a member and you are welcome to join us for any challenge!

2. Now, instead of following the order of the sidebar to take turns choosing a topic for the challenges, we ask that you submit your suggestions and ideas, and Karen, Steven and I will pick one from the pool of submissions to feature each round. You can send in as many ideas as you want.


4. IF Requested, Karen and I will do a promotion for each upcoming challenge. It is good if you also do a promotion when it is your turn to choose a topic so we can reach as many potential readers as possible.

5. Please DO NOT post your entry early. It must be posted the day of the challenge or up to one week following the challenge. That way you have the best chance of having your entry be seen by as many as possible. Also, it doesn't seem fair to post before the one who actually chooses the subject.

6. NEW RULE ADDED 7/12/06 (No- Shows)
You are welcome to post your entry for the challenge, anytime up to one week after each edition. The link you give us will remain on the liking list during that time, but if we don't hear from you, or if you are a no-show, we will remove your link off the list, so folks aren't clicking on a link that doesn't actually lead to a challenge entry. PLEASE, if you run into unforseen difficulties, after you give us your R.S.V.P, just drop us a line to let us know you won't be playing. :)

7. NEW RULE ADDED 7/13/06 (Copyright Infringement Issues)
On the day of each scheduled challenge, we provide you with a Linking List of all Robins who sign up to play along. We do this as a convenience for those of you who like to link to your fellow Robins on the day of the challenge. The Linking List is the is the only portion of the original entry that should be copied and pasted into your journal or blog. The rest of the entry, including the graphic, is copyrighted material and should not be "lifted." To do so, especially without permission, constitutes copyright infringement. Besides, the idea is to showcase your talent and creativity. We look forward to your interpretations, so please, copy only the Linking List.


Carly, Karen & Steven

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