Sunday, November 20, 2011

Round Robin Challenge: Family

We're coming to a time of year when one subject is on the minds of many people, more than at any other time of year. The Round Robin topic for Saturday, December 3rd is


For those of us who celebrate the various November and December holidays, this is a time for family reunions and get-togethers - but not always. Some people gather only with their immediate family, and others with a family of choice, none of whom may be actually related. And if no family is available, this is the time of year when we tend to miss them the most.

So that's your Challenge: show us a family, or members of a family. Your family would be best, but any family will do: your friend's family, your surrogate family, or even a family of strangers. It can even be a picture of something that symbolizes the concept of family. Just show us something - someone - that means family to you!

Here are the usual rules, in brief:

1. Please RSVP in the comments below with your name, blog name and blog URL. Let me know if you're new to the Challenge, or using a new blog for it.

2. Please wait for Saturday, December 3rd to post your entry. A day or two late is okay but not ideal.

3. Please link back to this blog in your entry.

4. Please visit the other participating blogs if you can, and leave a comment if so moved. A list of links will be posted around midnight MST on the Challenge date;

That's it! Go be photographers!


Photo: Eva Osburn with her daughter and granddaughter, ten days before her 100th birthday, 2005.

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Monday, November 07, 2011

Round Robin Challenge: Gone

Hi, Robins! Let's get right to it, shall we? The topic for Saturday, November 19th is


The idea is simple. Show us a place or an object where there's evidence that something used to be there, but isn't there any more. It can be a closed business, an empty lot, a schoolyard closed for the weekend, or something much smaller and happier, like last year's birds' nest, or a cake plate on which there's nothing left but crumbs. Maybe it's a package of something, but you've used up whatever the product was. Or perhaps it's your own head, and you've managed to get rid of every last gray hair! A set of before-and-after photos will also work for this. Just find something that isn't there any more, and show us its absence. Get it?

Here are the guidelines. Please take a moment to read them, especially if you haven't been playing with us very long:

1. PLEASE RSVP in the comments below, preferably before the Challenge date (Saturday, November 19th). It should include your name, blog name and URL, thus:

My hesitation is Gone - I'm gonna play!

Tomorrow Is Another Day

2. PLEASE WAIT until November 19th to post your entry. This makes it easier for people to see all the posts, including yours!

3. PLEASE INCLUDE a link back here in your entry, so people can find the other Robins, and maybe play along themselves. This is something some people haven't been doing. As a result I can't always tell whether you've played along at all!

4. PLEASE TELL US if this is your first time participating, or if you've changed blogs.

5. PLEASE VISIT other people's entries, and comment if so moved.

That's it! Thanks, and go be photographers!


P.S. This meme is called The Round Robin Photo Challenges because originally, each of us took a turn coming up with the Challenge topic. Later, Carly and I kept a topic pool of suggestions, but that pool is stale now and running dry. (I hesitate to use a topic suggestion from someone who isn't even blogging anymore.) Please help me refill the pool with topic ideas! If I use it, you'll get full credit in the topic announcement. Thanks!

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