Friday, June 30, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: Americana

Note: entries for the following Challenge should be posted on Wednesday, July 12th. PLEASE DO NOT POST EARLY! See below for details. This challenge is now closed, thank you for playing!

Hi, Robins! Great job yesterday on our most recent challenge. Ready to do it again?

Our next Challenge comes to us from Cosette of Pandora's Bazaar. I'll let her explain:

Since it's just in time for Independence Day, how about Americana, things dealing with American history, folklore, or geography, something considered to be wonderfully typical and unique to American culture.

Brightest Blessings,

Sounds great to me! America is so much more than flags and picnics and fireworks, although that's certainly part of what we think of when we read or hear the word "America." We're not perfect by any means, but there's still a lot to be proud of here, and a lot to love. What means (The United States of) America to you? Is it the majestic, almost infinitely varied landscape, desert and rivers, trees and lakes, canyons and mountains, from sea to shining sea? Is it that play your kid was in last year, the one with the Statue of Liberty costume and a fifth grader declaiming the Bill of Rights? Is it campaigning for a candidate, or writing letters to the editor? Is it Inuit and Navajo, native Hawai'ians and Onondagas? Is it Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill, or Washington Irving and James Thurber? Is it flags and fireworks, baseball and hot dogs, not to mention apple pie and Chevrolet? What are the visual cues that get you thinking about what America is, what it was, and what it can be?

And yes, if you're from or live in another country, we'd love the equivalent about your country. Canadiana, Britannica, etc. are all fair game here, if that's your home or adopted country.

Think it over, take your pictures, and get ready to post them on Wednesday, July 12th. That's about a week after Independence Day, so here's your chance to take some good holiday pictures and use them later. Or you may want to go in a completely different direction. That's totally up to you! The one thing we do ask is that you follow a few simple rules:

1. Do NOT post your entry early. Please wait and post it on Wednesday, July 12th, any time between midnight and midnight. If you're running late, that's okay - you can post up to a week afterward if necessary. But please don't post early!

2. DO RSVP in the comments to this blog. To make everything clear and easy, the format should be exactly this:

First Name
Name of the blog of journal where you will be posting
URL of that journal

(plus anything else you want to say, such as "Hi! I'm in!").

For example:

Yes, I'm playing. Unless I jump off a bridge first.

Billie Joe
Billy Joe's Bloggie Bits

See? Easy. If you post your Round Robin entries to two blogs, be sure to list the title and URL of both. Don't make us guess!

And of course, if you have any questions, we're just an email away:


Got it? Good! As we like to say around here, go be photographers!

Karen and Carly

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