Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: Flower Power

This challenge is now closed! Thanks for playing! :)
Peace Beautiful Robins...

It's time to find out about our next challenge, and that challenge will be, "Flower Power" as chosen by our friend Renee, author of the journal, "TCS2." Renee, wants us to tap into our imagination and share a little about the power that flowers have had in our lives. How they brighten our worlds, how they fill our homes with aromas which, calm us, inspire our creativity, stir feelings of romance, and in general, make our lives a little more beautiful. From wedding bouquets to edible flowers, there is a secret language that can be spoken with flowers. Sometimes we can say so much with just a single one perfect rose, given to us by a lover. This will probably be one of our most colorful challenges to date! I am really looking forward to seeing all the marvelous interpretations you come up with.

The date of the challenge will be, Wednesday, June 28. As always, you can post your entry anytime between the midnights, and for up to one week after the challenge. PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR ENTRY EARLY! If you are unsure how to play, just click on the ***WELCOME ENTRY & RULES OF PLAY*** which can be found on the sidebar. That has all the information you need to become a member of the Round Robin Challenges. Also, if you haven't already done so, please read the entry titled, "We Interrupt This Program." Karen and I are trying to refresh all the information we have on past and current Round Robin members. Simply submit the required information in the comment thread of THAT entry, and you are all set. And now just one quick reminder. When you RSVP for a challenge, please leave your information as follows...

Your First Name: Carly
The Address Of Your Blog/Journal: Ellipsis...Suddenly Carly
The Complete Address Of Where You Will Be Posting Your Entry:

See...nothing to it. I hope you will consider joining us for the fun on Wednesday, June 28. Now...make me proud...go be photographers!

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