Thursday, June 01, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: Emotions

Hello Robins :) This Challenge Is Now Closed. Thank You For Playing!

Here, as promised, is the announcement of our next Round Robin Challenge. Our friend and fellow Robin, Chris, author of the journal, "My Photographic Life," has chosen a very versatile subject to challenge us with, she has selected, "Emotions" as the topic of our next round of play. :)

We all have emotions...don't we? Well, unless you hale from the planet Vulcan. LOL. If that is the case, no FEAR dear Robins, you can still play along with the challenge, because while you may not actually have emotions, you know what they are, so I have no DOUBT that you will rise to this HAPPY occasion, with EUPHORIA, and a good deal of DESIRE, to meet the challenge with COURAGE. You already know playing along with the Round Robins, results in a lot of HOPE, HAPPINESS, and GlEE.

Terror should never be a part of the Round Robin experience. LOL. SURPRISE, maybe, ECSTASY on occasion, PATIENCE always, but FEAR, SADNESS, ANGST, or HORROR, simply do not have a place...unless they happen to be the emotion of choice for your interpretation. We humans run the gamut of emotions, as we live our lives. On any given day, we can go through the four seasons of emotions, because...well...that's what life is all about. Living! I just know that his challenge will be one of our best, because there are so many different emotions that we can find through the camera lens, and through our third eye.

The date for this challenge will be, Wednesday, June 14th. As always you may post your entry any time between the midnights of that day, or for up to one week following the challenge. Keep in mind, that you will have your best chance of having your challenge entry seen if you try to post on the actual day of the challenge. PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR ENTRY EARLY.

Last week, Karen and I, posted a special entry. In that entry we asked for your assistance in keeping our Round Robin file up to date. If you have not stopped by that entry please go and read it now. We really do need you to leave us the following information...

Your Name
Your Journal (s) Name
Your Journal/Blog URL
Your email address

Your cooperation is vital in keeping the Round Robin Challenges flowing smoothly. We need this information so that we are up to date of all the information we need to link to you properly. Since moving here from AOL, we have lost track of some of our Robins, hopefully we can get everything back on track so that everyone has an equal opportunity to play along. Click on the link below, to read that entry and leave us your information. We appreciate it more then you know. Ok, see all of you in 2 weeks. Now go be photographers!

Carly & Karen

"We Interrupt This Program"

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