Sunday, January 16, 2011

Round Robin Challenge: Goodbyes

Hello Robins :)

Remember me? LOL. Of course you do! Yep, it's me Carly, back to bring you an all new Round Robin Challenge for the NEW YEAR! And in addition, I have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. But first here is the topic...

GOODBYES! Saturday, January 29th 2011

Really simple idea here, show us a GOODBYE! GOODBYE to 2010. GOODBYE by to relative who came for the holidays and STILL HAVEN'T LEFT! GOODBYE to your cares and worries, GOODBYE to unwanted mail. Since we will be playing this challenge on Saturday, January 29th, maybe you just want to say GOODBYE to January! LOL. If you can say GOODBYE to it, we want to see it! :)

1. DO RSVP in the comments below, if at all possible BEFORE the Challenge date. In fact, five minutes from now would be the perfect time to let us know you plan to participate. There is no need to wait until after you've posted to tell us about it.

2. DO include your name, blog name, and blog URL in the RSVP, thus:

General Guidelines for Playing RRC

Goodbye Blog

3. DO tell me if it's your first time, or if there's any change from last time, such as a new blog name.

4. DO NOT post until the Challenge date, Saturday, January 29th. Most blogging platforms will let you schedule an entry ahead of time if you expect to be busy on the day. But if you don't get to it on Saturday, it's not too late! Sunday or Monday is fine. The Challenge is open for six days to accommodate stragglers, although you're less likely to get visitors to your blog after the first day.

4. DO mention the Challenge in your entry, and link back here so people can enjoy the work of other Robins as well!

And Now A Special Announcement...

Now, here is how I came up with this week's topic. This is my last Round Robin Challenge as a co-host with Karen. Yep. It's true! As you know, I took a few months off from actively posting on my blog, Ellipsis, because I was feeling stressed out and feeling blah. I just wasn't finding the creativity or the drive, and with that feeling came what felt like the inability to properly encourage others. The whole idea around the Round Robin Challenges was to share a mutual love of photography with others, and to give and get feedback and hopefully grow in my pursuit. Photography is more then a hobby for me, it is as much a part of my life as breathing is.

If I can't be an effective host, if I can't give it my all, I don't want to do it. Right now I am on overload with stuff in my private life. I am OK, and I am getting back to a good place, but I still feel a bit burned out. So, while this is my last time hosting, I will be playing along from time to time, and I have told Karen that I can probably step in from time to time as she needs me. So who knows, I might host one or two more later this year, you never know! And, don't forget, I am still hosting the Monday Photo Shoot, at least for the foreseeable future. In fact, we are up and running now, and you are all invited to participate. Just drop by my blog, Ellipsis, every Monday morning to get the details.

Anyway, Karen has been an amazing person to share a meme with, and she is fantastic at hosting the Round Robin Challenges, so carry on, have fun, and I will see you around!

Linking List
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Thank You Karen, YOU ARE THE BEST!



Carly said...


I will be there!


Karen Funk Blocher said...

I would fry if I didn't say goodbye!

Outpost Mâvarin

Monica said...

Carly ... I've MISSED you! I wish you the best and I'll hop over and check out your Monday photo entries.

Karen has done a fantastic job. I appreciate all that has been done to keep this challenge going.

I wouldn't miss out!

fredamans said...

I have a goodbye in mind.

Day One

Anonymous said...

This is my first time - going to try it out!

Silent Serenade

Analee said...

This is my first time too - I plan to join in on the 29th! I wish I could tell you the twisted path that led me here...

sugar&spice and everything gneiss

Jama said...

Sorry, miss out on last week's challenge, will try to be diligent for the next one.

Sweet memories

flashbulb100w said...

I will join. And it just happened that I said goodbye to an old chapter of my life. :D

mga gihuna-huna

Peg said...

Carly, goodbye. I will miss you.

I am posted already; it will show up next Saturday while I am in Florida and I will not be able to say that it is posted because I will have no internet access.

"Haste Ye Back"

MyMaracas said...

Sorry to see you go, Carly! This was the first photo meme I ever did and, though I've wandered off, I still appreciate all the hard you work you and Karen put into this.

Count me in this time around.


Julie @ Another Chance Ranch said...

This is my second time to participate. Last time was my first, and I loved it but the challenge wasn't as hard as this one. LOL

This one will take some thinking.

Another Chance Ranch

Gattina said...

I am there already !
I almost missed the boat


Monica said...

I posted mine a few hours early ... I was thinking it was later than it was.


MyMaracas said...
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