Monday, August 15, 2011

Round Robin Challenge: The Great Outdoors

Hi, Robins! The last few Round Robin Photo Challenges have been indoor pursuits, so let's go outside for the next one. The Challenge for Saturday, August 27th is

The Great Outdoors

What do you think of when you hear the words, "The Great Outdoors"? What does that phrase mean to you? What kind of outdoors appeals to you? Is it someplace with a big sky and mountains all around, or a park with a little bridge and some ducks? Is it a road you drive on for hours, passing woods and fields and farms, or a path you hike up to a small seasonal waterfall? Maybe it's a backyard with playing children and a swimming pool, or a ballpark where kids are allowed to run the bases after the game. Whatever it means to you, let's see it!

You know the drill:

1. Please RSVP in the comments below, with name, blog name and blog URL.
2. Please WAIT until the Challenge date, Saturday, August 27th, to post your entry.
3. Please LINK back to this blog so people know to look at the other Robins' entries.
4. Please DON'T FORGET to post!

That's it! Go be photographers!


Linking List
as of Saturday, August 27th
at 11:54 AM MST

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

Outdoors is great! (or will be when it cools off.)

Outpost Mâvarin

Jama said...

I'm guilty of always forgetting to post!! kekekekkeke I'll definitely be back to showcase my urban outdoor life.

Sweet Memories

Gattina said...

I wished I could be more outdoors ! If the weather wasn't that bad !
I see you noticed that I have posted. Thanks.

Tina said...

Your photo is stunning! :)

Kim, USA said...

That is a challenge to be in these place.

Mine is up!

My Photography in Focus