Sunday, December 19, 2010

Round Robin Challenge: Something New (for 1/1/11)

Hi, Robins! The next topic was suggested a year ago by Kathy of Through the Viewfinder. The topic for New Year's Day 2011, appropriately enough, is

Something New

Or, as Kathy put it at the time,
This photo's theme is "New", whether it's Happy New Year, welcome new baby, all that's old is new again, etc. etc. you get the idea.
What will be new in your life as the new year begins? Is there a new phone or iPad, a new puppy, perhaps a newly remodeled bathroom?  Maybe it's as simple as newly fallen snow. Whatever it is, take your photos of your icon of newness, and prepare to post them on New Year's Day!

You know how this meme works, right?

1. DO RSVP in the comments below, if at all possible BEFORE the Challenge date. In fact, five minutes from now would be the perfect time to let us know you plan to participate. There is no need to wait until after you've posted to tell us about it.

2. DO include your name, blog name, and blog URL in the RSVP, thus:

I'll be posting my new photos!

Start Spreading the News

3. DO tell me if it's your first time, or if there's any change from last time, such as a new blog name.

4. DO NOT post until the Challenge date, Saturday, January 1st. Most blogging platforms will let you schedule an entry ahead of time if you expect to be busy on the day. But if you don't get to it on Saturday, it's not too late! Sunday or Monday is fine. The Challenge is open for six days to accommodate stragglers, although you're less likely to get visitors to your blog after the first day.

4. DO mention the Challenge in your entry, and link back here so people can enjoy the work of other Robins as well!

That's it! Go be photographers. We'll see you on New Year's Day!


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Karen Funk Blocher said...

I'll have new photos in the new year!

Outpost Mâvarin

Linda said...

What a fun topic--I'll be there!

Mommy's Treasures

fredamans said...

I'm in!

Day One

Jama said...

I'm in!

Sweet Memories

Halie Santos - Dayo said...

Sorry if I haven't been playing recently. My Memoirs has a new home at

I'll be there this new year. It'll be great to start afresh.

maryt/theteach said...

I'll be posting something new tomorrow. Happy New Year!

Mary Tomaselli
Work of the Poet

Gattina said...

Happy New Year ! Here it's already January 2011 !
My NEW post is ready

Scrabblequeen said...

Late to the party, but posted!

The ScrabbleQueen Knits, Too

Halie Santos - Dayo said...

Happy new year. My post is up!